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American Workforce Solutions, LLC is an innovative placement firm headquartered in Oshkosh, WI.


Whether you are looking for work or seeking employees, we are glad you have found us, and you will be too! The AWS recruitment team will clearly assess the needs of each position and will only place the candidate that provides an employer with the best chance for optimum productivity. For job seekers, this means a better chance at longevity and a bright future.


AWS offers a wealth of innovative staffing strategies that give our clients an edge in a rapidly changing business environment. Rather than simply dispatching temporary employees like some employment agencies, AWS works to understand the role that needs to be filled and then places an individual that meets the needs of the employer. We find that this extra step provides all parties involved with the best blueprint for success. We provide highly skilled professionals in some of today's hottest staffing areas. Our applicant base includes employees who have made a career in contract work as well as individuals that have employed our resources to secure rewarding direct positions. Now is the time to contact AWS so we can put our skills to work for you.